The Duke's Estate

Physical Description: A high stone wall surrounds the estate and only citizens with the proper rank are allowed entry. Large wooden doors block the only gate and two guards are on duty to block entry at al times. Beyond those doors a quarter mile of rather unkempt gardens border a wide path leading to the palace itself.

From outside the palace appears as a large castle-like construction with many windows and three towers.

The interior is made up of tapestry strewn rooms, bed chambers, kitchens, and a private armory. Most of the rooms see little use, upon entering them you could easily find an army of spiders and dust coating every surface.

Word on the Street: Old Ciprian lives there now, all that’s left of his line. Sometimes I think he’d like to burn the place down and be done with it.

History: Built during the rule of Queen Aurelia the palace was meant to lend the monarchy an air of nobility when neighboring dignitaries visited, as well as lend to the aesthetic of the rest of city. The original structure remained intact until the War of the Blue Lance, at which point much of the it was destroyed in Simil’s initial assault. After the war had ended in Simil’s defeat King Rosh ordered it to be reconstructed with many changes to suit his own tastes.

The surrounding grounds saw several expansions and additions to the palace were common throughout the rules of Rosh and Bicamus II. However when the monarchy was abolished and the Dukes of North Stead took up residency much of the grounds were turned over to the public. Many of the one hundred plus chambers have been sealed for years as it is rare for anyone except the duke, his servants, and his private guards to live within the palace.

In the past it was the sight of lavish parties and grand proclamations but today it stands as a memory of the fallen monarchy and the power the line of Bicamus once held of North Stead.

Faces: Ciprian Yatu

Quote:“Look around and see the treasures and relics gathered by generation after generation of my family. A legacy that stretches back six hundred and twenty six years. Impressive no? It’s all that is left of us now, that and this city. A tattered banner fraying in the corner, a city that will never forget the wrong we did them, and a foolish old man.”

The Duke's Estate

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