The Hornet's Nest

Physical Description: A five-story building of quality lumber the Hornet’s Nest is meant to look like a comfortable place to spend your coin. Large windows give a clear view of the cavernous rooms within from the street. The first floor of the inn serves as a pub and a meeting hall more than anything else. Stools, chairs, booths, and tables are arranged in a meandering pattern across the floor. Three fireplaces, each being used to cook a pot filled with stew that fills the room with a wonderful aroma, are lit to send heat flowing throughout to fight off the elements.

The upper floors are occupied by dozens of comfortable rooms that area available to guests for a price. Each of the rooms are furnished with a large bed, a dresser, two chairs, and a fireplace.

Word on the Street: It’s the best inn in town, but you’d better have enough coin to afford it, they don’t offer discounts.

History: The Hornet’s Nest was one of the first proper inns to open after the city had really been established. As traders, settlers, and visitors began to flood through the gates the inn saw more and more business, it had little competition in those days, soon enough the owner was a wealthy man who’d expanded many times on his business.

The process of continual growth and easy money continued for the Hornet’s Nest for many years, the business passed from parent to child. It was only when bad luck loomed it’s head twenty years ago that the tradition was broken. After managing to break through the gate a giant made it’s way to the inn, seeking out the smell of ale and food. Unfortunately the giant managed to crush the structure beneath it’s feet, an act which caused it’s patrons to launch into a lengthy battle with the beast.

When the sun rose the following morning the city was missing a giant and an inn. It took a great deal of her inherited fortune but a young Mira Halfblood managed to rebuild her inn, she even had many improvements put in place.

It’s legend for excellent food, drink, lodgings, and entertainment continue to draw ever more visitors through their door.

Faces: Mira Halfblood

Quote: _“Coin first, no exceptions.” _

The Hornet's Nest

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