The Seven Headed Dwarf

Name: The Seven Headed Dwarf

Physical Description: A shack on top of a pile of mud that reeks of stale liquor.

Word on the Street: Every two bit spellslinger and crook in the city wanders through those doors sooner or later. If you find yourself doing so be armed.

History: The exact circumstances that lead to the unfortunate name of the Seven Headed Dwarf are uncertain. It has been proven that no less than three inebriated wizards casting spells caused a dwarf patron to sprout six additional heads. They also caused the ground beneath the tavern to be reduced to a pudding like substance that envelops more and more of the structure each year.

A young female wizard who once held some promise came into ownership of the Inn at some point afterwards. Ever since it has proven to be the bane of her every waking moment.

Faces: Asindra Leoim

Quote: “I’ll sell you this stye for less than a drink would cost you.”

The Seven Headed Dwarf

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