The Stoneblood

Description: A gang of Goliaths, many of whom were exiled from their tribes, they run protection rackets on small shops and serve as hired muscle.

Word on the Street: Don’t get in their way, it’s like trying to stop an avalanche. Just run if you see one coming.

History: Proximity to Moradin’s Spine has brought a fair number of Goliath’s through the gates of North Stead over the years. Few of them choose to remain for very long. One exception to this rule being the members of the Stoneblood. Some have been permanently exiled from their tribe for a variety of reasons, others filtered down from the mountains seeking their fortunes, and a few were even born within the city and count family among the members. Fifty years ago what started as a group of loosely affiliated hired muscle became more organized, the member began working in unison towards an agenda all it’s own.

Ever since their actions have become ever more daring and well planned. Goliaths are now somewhat feared within the city as few people have any interest in crossing the Stoneblood.

Faces: Gea-Unn

Quote:“We are stone, nothing can break us.”

The Stoneblood

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