The Warhorse

Physical Description: Not much was done to the stable or the barracks that were repurposed as a inn. The stables consist of several roped off wooden stalls and a roof that has seen better days. Although it hasn’t collapsed yet don’t expect to leave something in your saddlebags and return to find it dry if there’s rain.

As for the barracks a rough wooden bar matched by rough furniture has been thrust within. A few tattered cots, all of which were abandoned when the army moved on, are set against a wall with horse blankets for anyone who chooses to spend the night.

Word on the Street: Rowdy.

History: The buildings that make up the tavern were originally a barracks and a stable used to house soldiers and their horses. Both structures were deemed to be to small to meet the needs for the growing army and plans were made to replace them with much larger counterparts in a more strategic area. Rather than being destroyed both buildings were sold to a retiring soldier who had been hobbled during his service. He decided to turn them into a tavern and inn, he’d always imagined the life of an innkeeper to be one of peace and plenty.

In the five years it’s been open the Warhorse has earned a reputation for bar fights and cheap drinks. A popular spot for soldiers, city watchmen, and mercenaries looking to drink in the company of like minded fellows it has seen enthusiastic business.

Faces: Retor Trollbane

Quote: “You lot simmer down else I’ll give you a limp to match what the trolls gave me.”

The Warhorse

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